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Nomcom 2010-2011: NomCom Voting Member Stepping Down
November 5, 2010

NomCom Chair <>
IETF Announcement list <>
November 5, 2010
Nomcom 2010-2011: NomCom Voting Member Stepping Down
Huub van Helvoort is unable to continue as a 2010-2011 NomCom voting
member for the remainder of the committee's term.  Huub has been a
valuable contributor to the work of this NomCom and it is with sincere
regret that we see him leave.  The entire NomCom wishes to express its
thanks to Huub for his hard work and dedication to the NomCom task.  We
will miss him. 

Huub remains subject to the confidentiality requirements of RFC 3777 for
his service on NomCom 2010-11 and is bound to maintain this
confidentiality following his departure from the committee. 

RFC 3777 provides guidance on how to proceed in the event that a single
voting position is vacated.  The NomCom has discussed the circumstances
and, as advised by RFC 3777 procedures, the committee has chosen to
proceed with only 9 voting volunteers.  The committee does not anticipate
any change to its schedule as a result of this decision. 

Thomas Walsh
Chair, Nomcom 2010-2011