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Second Call for Nominations
October 5, 2021

NomCom Chair 2021 <>
IETF Announcement List <>
October 5, 2021
Second Call for Nominations
Hello IETF Community!

Only one week to go and we need everyone's HELP with nominations. 

If you go to 
you will notice that:

      -    INT, TSV, OPS, and ART have only ONE accepted nomination so far
      -    Other positions are not that much better: 2 or 3 accepted nominations is 
           not a lot (TRUST, LLC, Routing, Security)
      -    Neither are 10 accepted nominations for 6 open IAB positions

Oh, and nominations close in one week: Monday October 11.

Please take some 10 minutes today (or make it a fun weekend assignment) to think about 
someone who would be a good candidate and nominate them using the above link. Of course, 
self-nominations are encouraged!

For full information, please refer to the previous Call for Nominations here:


Gabriel Montenegro
IETF NomCom Chair 2021-22
nomcom-chair-2021 at ietf dot org