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2005 - 2006 IETF NomCom Chair Announcement
August 11, 2005

Lynn St. Amour <>
IETF Announcement list <>
August 11, 2005
2005 - 2006 IETF NomCom Chair Announcement
One of the roles of the Internet Society (ISOC) President is to
appoint the IETF Nominations Committee chair. This is done through
consultation with members of the IETF community, as well as input
from past IETF NomCom Chairs and the ISOC Board. It gives me great
pleasure to announce that Ralph Droms has agreed to serve as the 2005
IETF Nominations Committee chair. Ralph can be reached at

A Call for Nominations for this committee will be sent shortly to the IETF
Announcement list; and a list of the IESG and IAB seats to be filled
will also be published. In addition, I draw your attention to the fact that 
this year the NomCom will also be responsible for seating an IETF
Administrative Oversight Committee (IAOC) member. Please give
serious consideration to possible candidates for all these posts and
in the interim, make your suggestions known to Ralph, who will share
them with the committee when seated.

The NomCom process is an ambitious undertaking and a robust process
is critical to the health and success of the IETF. It is therefore
important that the IETF community assist Ralph and the NomCom to as
great a degree as possible. I'd like to thank everyone in advance
for their support, and a sincere thank you to Ralph for agreeing to
take on this important responsibility.

Lynn St. Amour
President & CEO
The Internet Society