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NomCom 2012-2013: Third Call for Volunteers
July 30, 2012

NomCom Chair <>
IETF Announcement List <>
July 30, 2012
NomCom 2012-2013: Third Call for Volunteers
The NomCom 2012-2013 Call for Volunteers is nearing its conclusion. 
If you are considering volunteering to participate in the 2012-2013 
NomCom, please volunteer soon. Individuals willing to serve on this
year's NomCom must send email to on or before
Sunday, August 5. 

General information on this year's NomCom (including a list of positions 
to be filled) can be found at:

I am pleased to report at this time we have 98 qualified individuals who 
have generously volunteer their time to serve on this year's NomCom. 
However, last year the volunteer pool consisted of 120 members of our 
community and I would hope that we can have at least as many 
volunteers in the pool this year. Therefore, if you are eligible to serve on 
this year's NomCom (i.e., you have attended 3 of the last 5 IETF 
meetings), please consider volunteering! 

The success of the NomCom process depends on randomly selecting a 
committee that is a representative sample of the our community. We 
endeavor to have a NomCom reflecting the diversity of experience and 
viewpoints that is our community's greatest strength. However, to 
achieve this goal we must have the largest possible pool of volunteers 
that from throughout the IETF community.

If you have volunteered before 15:00 UTC on July 30, 2012 and you 
have not received a confirmation email from me, then an error has 
occurred and I would request that you resend your email.

The 98 qualified individuals who have thus far volunteered are listed 
below. I apologize for any errors in this list, please notify me of any 
errors as soon as possible.

Sam Aldrin, Huawei
Alia Atlas, Juniper
Ignas Bagdonas, Cisco
Marcelo Bagnulo, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid 
Lou Berger, LabN Consulting
Deborah Brungard, AT&T
John Brzozowski, Comcast
Randy Bush, IIJ
Dennis Cai, Cisco
Daniele Ceccarelli, Ericsson
Gang Chen, China Mobile
Mach Chen, Huawei
Andrew Chi, BBN
Uma Chunduri, Ericsson
Andras Csaszar, Ericsson
Subir Das, ACS
Hui Deng, China Mobile
Keith Drage, Alcatel-Lucent
John Drake, Juniper
Donald Eastlake, Huawei
Charles Eckel, Cisco
Mehmet Ersue, Nokia Siemens Networks
Miguel Garcia, Ericsson
Wes George, Time Warner Cable
Richard Graveman, RFG Security
Eric Gray, Ericsson
Jeff Haas, Juniper
Wassim Haddad, Ericsson
Stephen Hanna, Juniper
Sam Hartman, Painless Security
Jia He, Huawei
Giles Heron, Cisco
Paul Hoffman, VPN Consortium
Christer Holmberg, Ericsson
Lee Howard, Time Warner Cable
Fangwei Hu, ZTE
Jon Hudson, Brocade
Andrew Hutton, Siemens Enterprise Communications
Cullen Jennings, Cisco
Yuanlong Jiang, Huawei
Sheng Jiang, Huawei
Lizhong Jin, ZTE
Hadriel Kaplan, Acme Packet
Stephen Kent, BBN
Ari Keranen, Ericsson
Ning Kong, CNNIC
Jouni Korhonen, Nokia Siemens Networks
Mirja Kuehlewind, University of Stuttgart
Eliot Lear, Cisco
Hongyu Li, Huawei
Guoman Liu, ZTE
Dapeng Liu, China Mobile
Wenhu Lu, Ericsson
Yuxia Ma, ZTE
Andrew Malis, Verizon
Terry Manderson, ICANN
Scott Mansfield, Ericsson
Luca Martini, Cisco
Alexey Melnikov, Isode Limited
David Meyer, Cisco
Monique Morrow, Cisco
Thomas Nadeau, Juniper
Karen O'Donoghue, Internet Society
Borje Ohlman, Ericsson
Dimitri Papadimitriou , Alcatel-Lucent
Keyur Patel, Cisco
Radia Perlman, Intel Labs 
Teemu Savolainen, Nokia
Benson Schliesser, Juniper
John Scudder, Juniper
Karen Seo, BBN
Arturo Servin, LACNIC
Shuo (Sean) Shen, CNNIC
David Sinicrope , Ericsson
Haibin Song, Huawei
Tom Taylor, PT Taylor Consulting
Pascal Thubert, Cisco
Mark Townsley, Cisco
Tina Tsou, Huawei
Gunter Van de Velde, Cisco
Bill VerSteeg, Cisco
Thomas Walsh, Juniper
Yinxing Wei, ZTE
Stephan Wenger, Vidyo
Magnus Westerlund, Ericsson
Steven White, Alcatel-Lucent
Ijsbrand (Ice) Wijnands, Cisco
Qin (Bill) Wu, Huawei
Jiankang Yao, CNNIC
Leaf Yeh, Huawei
Lucy Yong, Huawei
Lixia Zhang, UCLA
Zhaohui (Jeff) Zhang, Juniper
Dacheng Zhang, Huawei
Yi, Zhao Huawei
Qian (Cathy) Zhou, Huawei
Ning Zong, Huawei
Glenn Zorn, Network Zen

The primary activity for this nomcom will begin in August 2012 and 
should be completed in January 2013. The nomcom will be collecting 
requirements from the community, as well as talking to candidates and 
obtaining feedback from community members about candidates. There 
will be regularly scheduled conference calls to ensure progress. Thus, 
being a nomcom member does require some time commitment.

Please volunteer by sending an email before 11:59 pm EDT (UTC - 4 
hours) August 5, 2012 as follows:

Subject: Nomcom 2012-13 Volunteer

Please include the following information in the body:

<Your Full Name>  // As you enter in the IETF Registration Form,
                    // First/Given name followed by Last/Family Name
<Current Primary Affiliation>
                // typically what goes in the Company field
                //  in the IETF Registration Form
[<all email addresses used to Register for the past 5 IETF meetings>]
<Preferred email address>  //
<Telephone number>         // For confirmation if selected

Please expect an email response from me within 3 business days stating 
whether or not you are qualified.  If you don't receive a response, please 
re-send your email with the tag "RESEND:" added to the subject line.

If you are not yet sure you would like to volunteer, please consider that 
NomCom members play a very important role in shaping the leadership of the IETF.  Ensuring the leadership of the IETF is fair and balanced and 
comprised of those who can lead the IETF in the right direction is an 
important responsibility that rests on the IETF participants at large. 
Volunteering for the nomcom is a good way of contributing toward that 

Thank you,
Matthew Lepinski (or