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Corrected announcement of NomCom members
August 8, 2022

NomCom Chair 2022 <>
IETF Announcement List <>
August 8, 2022
Corrected announcement of NomCom members
This is the corrected annoncement of the NomCom members for this cycle.  The list is taken from my posting on July 25, available at  Those names were cut and pasted into a document and the RFC 3797 algorithm was run to choose the names. The results were verified by multiple parties, but anyone should be able to perform their own verification.

The results are
- Quan Xiong,Wuhan Zhongxing Software Company Limited
- Xuesong Geng,Huawei
- Geoff Huston,APN IC
- Sarah Banks,Corelight, Inc
- Georgios Karagiannis,Huawei
- Lixia Zhang,UCLA
- Jon Hudson,Desnet Industries & Spaced Out Radio
- Luc Andre Burdet,Cisco
- Mark Nottingham,Cloudflare
- Ran Chen,Nanjing Zhongxingxin Software Co.Ltd

Both Quan and Ran work for the same parent company, but RFC 8713 allows up to two volunteers from the same organization.

Today begins the two-week challenge period. I have contacted each person to ask them to confirm their willingness. If anyone declines, I will post their replacement.

On a personal note, I would like to apologize to the IETF community for my mis-steps here. I did not use the posted list and I did not recognize the error. The root causes of this were that there were disqualifications that I knew of that were not reflected, the "downloas as CSV" button on the private page initially confused me, and the relationship between column header and those two factors caused me to use a different list from the one I posted.  More importantly, I would like to thank all those who pointed out the error, and reached out to do "whatever they can" to help fix things.

-Rich Salz, 2022 NomCom chair.