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One week left to object
August 16, 2022

NomCom Chair 2022 <>
IETF Announcement List <>
August 16, 2022
One week left to object
There's one week left to object to the current list of NomCom voting members.  As a reminder, they are:
- Quan Xiong,Wuhan Zhongxing Software Company Limited
- Xuesong Geng,Huawei
- Geoff Huston,APN IC
- Sarah Banks,Corelight, Inc
- Georgios Karagiannis,Huawei
- Lixia Zhang,UCLA
- Jon Hudson,Desnet Industries & Spaced Out Radio
- Luc Andre Burdet,Cisco
- Mark Nottingham,Cloudflare
- Ran Chen,Nanjing Zhongxingxin Software Co.Ltd

One person has not responded to multiple attempts over the past week.  The next three people on the list are:
- Ines Robles, Tampere University
- Huaimo Chen, Futurewei
- Daniel Havey, Microsoft

I emailed Ines yesterday to see if she is willing and able, and to Daniel this morning in case Ines cannot do it. Huaimo is disqualified because there are already two people from Huawei on the committee.

Please note that *anyone* can object to the list because of those omitted, not just the seven who were left off. For details, see

Thank you.
-Rich Salz, 2022 NomCom Chair