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Help the NomCom: Nominations and Feedback
September 5, 2012

NomCom Chair <>
Working Group Chairs <>
September 5, 2012
Help the NomCom: Nominations and Feedback
The IETF Nominations Committee (NomCom) is currently seeking 
nominations for individuals to serve on the IESG, IAB, and IAOC. 
Additionally, this is an announcement that the NomCom is seeking 
feedback on individuals who have accepted nominations for IETF 
leadership positions. 

It is very important to the NomCom process that we get input from a 
broad spectrum of the community. Therefore, in case members of your 
working group do not read the IETF announcement and discussion lists, 
the NomCom would appreciate your help in disseminating the following 

The NomCom website contains information about this year's NomCom 
including the positions we are seeking to fill, and the qualifications 
required for these positions:

The NomCom is accepting nominations until September 24. Nominations 
for any position can be made using the following web tool:

Feedback about individuals who the NomCom is considering can be 
providing using the following web tool:

The feedback tool provides a list of individuals who have agreed to be 
considered for each position. We will be updating this list in the coming 
weeks as more individuals accept nominations.

Feedback provided to the NomCom is kept strictly confidential!

Note that use of the NomCom web tools require an (i.e.,
datatracker) account. You can create an account by visiting the
following URL:

As an alternative to using the web tools,  you can send email to the
NomCom at to make a nomination or provide input to
the committee.

Thank you for your help,
- Matt Lepinski