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NomCom 2022-2023 Call for Nominations
September 28, 2022

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September 28, 2022
NomCom 2022-2023 Call for Nominations
The IETF Nomination Committee (NomCom) for 2022-2023 is seeking nominations from now until October 24.

The list of open positions can be found at the NomCom home page:
This also includes the list of those incumbents who have said they are seeking to be renominated.

To nominate someone, please click on the "Nominate" link at the top of the home page, or go there directly:

Please include a brief description why you are nominating them. The "Candidate phone" is optional. If you do not click the "Share nominator name" box at the top of the page, then your nomination will be confidential and the nominee will not be told who you are.

Self nominations are welcome! To nominate the same person (including yourself) for more than one position, please use the form multiple times.

All nominees will be required to complete a questionnaire specific to the position for which they are nominated. The questionnaires will be available soon (at the NomCom page) and will also be mailed to the nominees directly.

The current (slightly tentative) timeline is posted at the NomCom page.

The list of nominees will be made available, and an opportunity for community feedback will be made after the nominations are closed. All feedback will be kept confidential to the committee, and all committee discussions and votes are also confidential.

Remember that it is easier to refuse a nomination, or decline later, than it is to nominate (or be nominated) later on.

We look forward to seeing a wide range of nominations! This is one of the key factors in the future success of the IETF.

-Rich Salz, 2022-2023 NomCom Chair