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NomCom nominations are closed
October 28, 2022

NomCom Chair 2022 <>
IETF Announcement List <>
October 28, 2022
NomCom nominations are closed
As mentioned last week [1], the deadline for nominations has passed.

The deadline for completing questionnaires is November 2. For those who haven't started, NomCom admits that this is a short amount time and apologize, but it's necessary to meet our deadlines.

We hope to do most of our interviewing at the upcoming IETF in London, either in-person or remote. In a couple of days I will be sending a notice with the schedule and a request for individuals to list their first three preferences. If you have not completed your questionnaire, you will not be considered.

-Rich Salz, IETF NomCom Chair 2022-2023