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NOMCOM - Critical shortage of nominees for multiple areas
October 17, 2013

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October 17, 2013
NOMCOM - Critical shortage of nominees for multiple areas
[Catchier Subject line - apologies to those offended by a duplicate]

A critically low number of people have accepted nominations for some of the 
IESG open positions.  There is only one nominee per slot in APP, OPS and TSV, 
only two in INT and RAI.  Many folks have declined nominations.  

While the Nomcom appreciates that support for two years of intense service 
is hard to assure, and while we are aware that there is much support for the 
incumbents who are standing, the IETF should continually be considering
which new talent is available for our leadership, and the Nomcom process 
needs for there to be some review and deliberation. 

Therefore, we urgently request that more nominees come forward.  

Nominations - October 18 
Questionnaires from nominees - October 25

Not coincidentally, this is a good time to think over and send your comments 
about the current statements of desired expertise of positions - this is part of 
the Nomcom's annual review process as well.  Send them to

Definitive location [*] of the current statements on desired expertise:

Instructions and details on nomination [**]:

Thanks, everyone,

Allison for the Nomcom

[*] This year the Nomcom tools were recoded, and also transitioned into the 
datatracker.  Apologies for a number of places where we didn't catch reference 

[**] Yes, alas, the previous call for nominations used "OAM" instead of "OPS," but 
we have* corrected this (chair's pilot) error where it occurred in the Nomcom