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NOMCOM - Community Feedback and Office Hours
October 29, 2013

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October 29, 2013
NOMCOM - Community Feedback and Office Hours
The Nomcom is now receiving comments on nominees.  Per RFC 5680, the list of candidates 
we are considering can be found at:

Use your IETF datatracker password to access the nominees list and to enter feedback.  
Please contact right away if you encounter difficulty, as a few older 
datatracker accounts may have issues.

The fields will be populated automatically when you click a nominee's name.  You will also find 
links to click if you wish to enter feedback for multiple nominees for a position in one entry; 
these links are called APP Multiple, IAB Multiple, IAOC Multiple, INT Multiple, etc.  

Community feedback is sought as well on the desired expertise for each position.
 If you have feedback in general or about the desired expertise, please email to

The Nomcom's pages ( have background 
information you may need, including the positions we are filling and the summaries of 
desired expertise prepared for each position. 
We want to hear from you and we especially appreciate specific, concrete and detailed feedback.
In order for your feedback to be useful, get it in on or before November 17, 2013.

If you are a nominee and submitted your questionnaire, you will shortly receive email about 
scheduling interview time.

Otherwise, if you would like to meet the Nomcom, come to our Open House in Vancouver.  
The times are: 1-2 PM Mon, Tue, Thu, and 3:30-4:30 on Wed.  Contact me if these times 
aren't good for you.  

The Nomcom Open House is in TURNER.

Thank you!

Allison for the Nomcom