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NomCom 2022 Announcement of IESG
January 26, 2023

NomCom Chair 2022 <>
IETF Announcement List <>
January 26, 2023
NomCom 2022 Announcement of IESG
As Chair of the 2022-2023 NomCom, I am pleased to announce the following appointments to the IESG:

    IETF Chair (and General AD): Lars Eggert
    Application and Real-Time AD: Francesca Palombini
    Internet AD: Éric Vyncke
    Operations and Management AD: Warren Kumari
    Routing AD: Jim Guichard and John Scudder
    Security AD: Roman Danyliw
    Transport AD: Zaheduzzaman Sarker

The combined IESG for the upcoming year is as follows:

IETF and IESG Chair. General Area (GEN)
    Lars Eggert

Applications and Real-Time Area (ART)
    Murray Kucherawy
    Francesca Palombini

Internet Area (INT)
    Erik Kline
    Éric Vyncke

Operations and Management Area (OPS)
    Robert Wilton
    Warren Kumari

Routing Area (RTG)
    Andrew Alston
    Jim Guichard
    John Scudder

Security Area (SEC)
    Paul Wouters
    Roman Danyliw

Transport Area (TSV)
    Martin Duke
    Zaheduzzaman Sarker

I wish to thank all of the other nominees and the IETF community for the feedback they provided.

-Rich Salz, 2022-2023 IETF NomCom Chair