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NOMCOM - Community Feedback - Consultation and Reminder
November 13, 2013

NomCom Chair 2013 <>
IETF Announcement List <>
November 13, 2013
NOMCOM - Community Feedback - Consultation and Reminder
The 2013 Nomcom's period for community feedback continues through November 18.

The Nomcom members have determined that it might increase community 
feedback for us to send out a solicitation email to a variety of mailing lists 
that contains the names of the willing nominees.  

In the morning of November 15, we intend to send out a final reminder for 
feedback to the community that encourages more feedback by giving people 
an immediate view of the RFC 5680 Open List of the Willing Nominees.

RFC 5680, Open Disclosure of Willing Nominees, which we are following 
this year, does not exclude this method of disclosure - the Nomcom is
given discretion for how to obtain sufficient feedback.

If there are any of the nominees who are disclosed already 
at who would prefer 
that their names not be included in archived email requests for feedback 
(for any reason), please send a note ASAP to  

We will of course continue to require that all of your feedback
be submitted through the password-protected and encrypted
Nomcom site (feedback URL given below).  All of your feedback 
to the Nomcom is absolutely confidential.  

REMINDER to those of you ready to comment right now, we are very
eager for your detailed, specific and concrete feedback on nominees,
and/or on multiple nominees per area, at

You need not wait until the final reminder :-)

Finally, here is the (frequently asked about) site for creating a 
datatracker account or resetting your password on an existing 
datatracker  account - you will need this account in order to 
submit feedback.

And many thanks to those of you have already commented and all who 
have contributed their time to ensure that the Nomcom does the best
possible job.

Allison for the Nomcom