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NOMCOM - final call for feedback, nominee list
November 16, 2013

NomCom Chair 2013 <>
IETF Announcement List <>
November 16, 2013
NOMCOM - final call for feedback, nominee list
Help the Nomcom:  this is the last call for general feedback on 
nominees. This email includes the willing nominee list for your 
convenience, as per RFC 5680. WG chairs, please forward this
email to your WGs.

WARNING - DO NOT reply to this email with feedback - the
announcement tool provides an unpredictable Reply-To field. 
You may send mail to nomcom13, but please do continue 
reading for additional info.

The deadline is midnight (any timezone) Wed Nov 20.

Enter your feedback into the encrypted nomcom tool at:

All feedback is confidential.

Select individual nominees, or select an area (e.g. INT Multiple) if you 
want to give feedback on multiple nominees for that area in one entry.

The Nomcom will greatly appreciate your concrete and detailed 
thoughts on nominees.  

You need to have a datatracker account in order to enter feedback.  
This is the site to access either to create a datatracker account or to 
reset the password on an existing account:

As we announced last week, we are sharing the names of the willing 
nominees in this email, as part of our use of RFC 5680 Open List in this
nomcom cycle.  These names (appearing at the end of the email) 
have been available within the datatracker since our first call for 
feedback; we hope some people will be extra encouraged to provide
feedback by seeing the names prior to datatracker login.   All your
feedback must be entered in the encrypted nomcom site (or mailed to or  You may ask the
chair or any another nomcom member to submit your feedback without
your name attached, if you would prefer.

Again, your feedback is absolutely confidential, however delivered.

Thanks very much from all of us for your time and for helping the
Nomcom to do the best possible job.  Also enormous thanks to the
willing nominees.

Names below.

Allison for the Nomcom

Joe Hildebrand
Barry Leiba (incumbent)
Yoshiro Yoneya

Donald Eastlake
Wesley George
Brian Haberman (incumbent)
Ole Troan

Benoit Claise (incumbent)
Linda Dunbar
Victor Kuarsingh
Bill Manning

Ben Campbell
Alissa Cooper
Keith Drage
Dan Romascanu

Loa Andersson
Alia Atlas
Deborah Brungard
Stewart Bryant (incumbent)
Donald Eastlake
Susan Hares
Keyur Patel

Derek Atkins
Donald Eastlake
Jeff Hodges
Leif Johansson
Alexey Melnikov
Kathleen Moriarty
Eric Rescorla

Martin Stiemerling (incumbent)
Dave Taht

Bernard Aboba (incumbent)
Loa Andersson
Alias Atlas
Mary Barnes
Marc Blanchet (incumbent)
Ross Callon (incumbent)
Hago Dafalla
Linda Dunbar
Roni Even
Jim Gettys
Ted Hardie
Susan Hares
Joe Hildebrand
Sheng Jiang
Eliot Lear (incumbent)
Larry Masinter
S. Moonesamy
Kathleen Moriarty
Kaveh Ranjbar
Robert Sparks
Tina Tsou
Brian Trammell

Glenn Deen
Tobias Gondrom
Chris Griffiths (incumbent)
John Levine
Tina Tsou