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February 13, 2014

NomCom Chair 2013 <>
IETF Announcement List <>
February 13, 2014
The 2013-14 IETF Nomcom is pleased to announce its selection of the
IAB slate whose terms start at IETF 89 in March 2014.

The Nomcom has selected the following people to serve on the IAB,
and they have been confirmed by the ISOC Board of Trustees in its
role as confirming body:
   Mary Barnes
   Marc Blanchet (incumbent)
   Ted Hardie
   Joe Hildebrand
   Eliot Lear (incumbent, 1 year term)
   Brian Trammell   

Thanks to all of these individuals for agreeing to serve the community!

The Nomcom wishes to be the first to thank the incumbents who are
not returning, for their years of serving the community on the IAB: 
   Bernard Aboba
   Ross Callon
   Hannes Tschofenig
The Nomcom also thanks Alissa Cooper for her service on the IAB; as of
March 2014, she will resign her IAB position in order to take up an IESG
position, as previously announced.  The appointment of Eliot Lear to his second
1 year term fills the vacant position that will be left by Alissa.

The Nomcom sincerely thanks the awe-inspiring members of the community 
who accepted nominations.   

For your reference, the 2014-2015 IAB full listing is:
    Jari Arkko (IETF Chair)
    Mary Barnes
    Marc Blanchet
    Joel Halpern
    Ted Hardie
    Joe Hildebrand
    Russ Housley
    Eliot Lear
    Xing Li
    Erik Nordmark
    Andrew Sullivan
    Dave Thaler
    Brian Trammell

Finally, since this is the last announcement to be made, the Nomcom 
wishes great terms of service to all the individuals who have agreed to serve
this year.

With best regards,

Allison Mankin
Nomcom Chair 2013-14
For the Nomcom