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Extending the Call For Nominations - ART AD
October 26, 2015

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October 26, 2015
Extending the Call For Nominations - ART AD

The most challenging positions the nomcom has to fill are the Area Director positions.
In reviewing these positions, and in trying to find the best person for the job, it
is always a good thing to have a rich set of candidates to consider.
We think the process of volunteering for the AD position is a valuable process, not
only for the nomcom, but also for the candidate: It gives an opportunity to consider
the position not only from the perspective of "those people should do better", but
from "how would I do this job if selected?".

It also offers people a chance to have the necessary conversation with their
management about getting the time commitment for the job - something that might prove
very valuable when this conversation occurs again - as it very likely will.

In this cycle, we have two slots in the ART area to fill. Both incumbents have said
that they are willing to continue, and both have received positive feedback from the
community - but the nomcom thinks that both the process and the community is better
served if more people have considered whether they can take on this job, and have
decided that the answer is "yes".

The Nomcom has therefore decided to extend the nomination period for the ART slot until
Friday, October 30, and ask that the community thinks carefully about possible candidates
for these positions.

For the Nomcom,
Harald Alvestrand