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NomCom 2015 - Second Request for feedback
October 31, 2015

NomCom Chair 2015 <>
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October 31, 2015
NomCom 2015 - Second Request for feedback
The 2015-16 Nominating Committee has collected a list of willing
candidates for the positions outlined below.  You can see the list

You may provide feedback using the web form there; it is secure.
All feedback goes into the datatracker using asymmetric encryption,
which is decrypted by the nomcom members as they read it.  So your 
feedback can not be seen by the secretariat, the tools people, or any of the

Your feedback through the web form is not anonymous as you need a login to provide it.

You may also provide feedback by emailing, which enters
the same system through email; it is as non-anonymous as email is, but I do have 
to sort it out.  A separate email per candidate is easier to deal with.

If you want to give truly anonymous feedback, please contact one of the 
NomCom members that you trust directly, and ask him/her to relay the 
feedback anonymously to the NomCom.

Here in Yokohama, you can find Nomcom members by looking for the orange dots.

We are also accessible in room 314 at the Yokohama Nomcom office hours:

- Tuesday at 12:45
- Wednesday at 13:30

Feedback is more useful to us the earlier it comes, since we can ask
the candidates about issues raised in feedback if we have it this week.

The positions to be filled are those currently held by:

- Mary Barnes
- Joe Hildebrand
- Ted Hardie
- Erik Nordmark
- Brian Trammell
- Marc Blanchet

- Alissa Cooper (ART)
- Barry Leiba (ART)
- Brian Haberman (Internet) (*)
- Benoit Claise (Operations and Management)
- Alia Atlas (Routing)
- Kathleen Moriarty (Security)
- Martin Stiemerling (Transport) (*)

Harald Alvestrand, Nomcom chair 2015,