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2005-2006 NomCom Announcement
May 2, 2006

NomCom Chair <>
IETF Announcement list <>
May 2, 2006
2005-2006 NomCom Announcement
I am pleased to announce that the 2005-2006 NomCom selection and confirmation
process to fill the IAB vacated by Pekka Nikander's resignation is complete.  At
this time, on behalf of the NomCom, the new IAB member is:

Dave Thaler

Dave will complete the remainder of Pekka's term.  The NomCom joins the rest of
the IETF community in thanking Dave for taking this position, and in thanking
all those who volunteered to be considered as a candidate in the NomCom process.
  And, thanks again to everyone who took the time to participate in the process
through providing input to the NomCom on the candidates under review.

Finally, I thank, once again, all the members of the NomCom for their
continuing engagement, careful review and significant contribution to the
Internet community through their work on the NomCom.

- Ralph Droms (chair), for the 2005-2006 IESG Nominating Committee