Abhay Roy


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rfc3883 Oct 2004 Detecting Inactive Neighbors over OSPF Demand Circuits (DC)
rfc4811 Mar 2007 OSPF Out-of-Band Link State Database (LSDB) Resynchronization
rfc4812 Mar 2007 OSPF Restart Signaling
rfc4813 Mar 2007 OSPF Link-Local Signaling
rfc4915 Jun 2007 Multi-Topology (MT) Routing in OSPF
rfc5613 Aug 2009 OSPF Link-Local Signaling
rfc5820 Mar 2010 Extensions to OSPF to Support Mobile Ad Hoc Networking
rfc5838 Apr 2010 Support of Address Families in OSPFv3
rfc6549 Mar 2012 OSPFv2 Multi-Instance Extensions
rfc6822 Dec 2012 IS-IS Multi-Instance
rfc6860 Jan 2013 Hiding Transit-Only Networks in OSPF
rfc8362 Apr 2018 OSPFv3 Link State Advertisement (LSA) Extensibility

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