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Carlos J. Bernardos


Role Group Email
Chair MAC Address Device Identification for Network and Application Services (madinas)
Chair IP Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments (ipwave)
Chair Internet Area Directorate (intdir)
Delegate Reliable and Available Wireless (raw)
Delegate Internet Area Working Group (intarea)
Reviewer Internet Area Directorate (intdir)
Secretary Internet Area Directorate (intdir)

RFCs (14)

RFC Date Title Cited by
RFC 6276 Jul 2011 DHCPv6 Prefix Delegation for Network Mobility (NEMO) 1 RFC
RFC 7028 Sep 2013 Multicast Mobility Routing Optimizations for Proxy Mobile IPv6 3 RFCs
RFC 7148 Mar 2014 Prefix Delegation Support for Proxy Mobile IPv6 1 RFC
RFC 7161 Mar 2014 Proxy Mobile IPv6 (PMIPv6) Multicast Handover Optimization by the Subscription Information Acquisition through the LMA (SIAL) 1 RFC
RFC 7429 Jan 2015 Distributed Mobility Management: Current Practices and Gap Analysis 2 RFCs
RFC 7778 Mar 2016 Mobile Communication Congestion Exposure Scenario
RFC 7864 May 2016 Proxy Mobile IPv6 Extensions to Support Flow Mobility 1 RFC
RFC 8432 Oct 2018 A Framework for Management and Control of Microwave and Millimeter Wave Interface Parameters 1 RFC
RFC 8568 Apr 2019 Network Virtualization Research Challenges 2 RFCs
RFC 8597 May 2019 Cooperating Layered Architecture for Software-Defined Networking (CLAS) 1 RFC
RFC 8818 Oct 2020 Distributed Mobility Anchoring
RFC 8885 Oct 2020 Proxy Mobile IPv6 Extensions for Distributed Mobility Management 1 RFC
RFC 8947 Dec 2020 Link-Layer Address Assignment Mechanism for DHCPv6 1 RFC
RFC 8948 Dec 2020 Structured Local Address Plan (SLAP) Quadrant Selection Option for DHCPv6 1 RFC

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