Dr. Craig Partridge

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rfc1063 Jul 1988 IP MTU discovery options
rfc1145 Feb 1990 TCP alternate checksum options
rfc1146 Mar 1990 TCP alternate checksum options
rfc1151 Apr 1990 Version 2 of the Reliable Data Protocol (RDP)
rfc1152 Apr 1990 Workshop report: Internet research steering group workshop on very-high-speed networks
rfc1257 Sep 1991 Isochronous applications do not require jitter-controlled networks
rfc1313 Apr 1992 Today's Programming for KRFC AM 1313 Internet Talk Radio
rfc1363 Sep 1992 A Proposed Flow Specification
rfc1546 Nov 1993 Host Anycasting Service
rfc1726 Dec 1994 Technical Criteria for Choosing IP The Next Generation (IPng)
rfc1809 Jun 1995 Using the Flow Label Field in IPv6
rfc2075 Jan 1997 IP Echo Host Service
rfc2212 Sep 1997 Specification of Guaranteed Quality of Service
rfc2309 Apr 1998 Recommendations on Queue Management and Congestion Avoidance in the Internet
rfc2414 Sep 1998 Increasing TCP's Initial Window
rfc2416 Sep 1998 When TCP Starts Up With Four Packets Into Only Three Buffers
rfc2711 Oct 1999 IPv6 Router Alert Option
rfc3390 Nov 2002 Increasing TCP's Initial Window

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