Gabor Bajko

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rfc5677 Dec 2009 IEEE 802.21 Mobility Services Framework Design (MSFD)
rfc5678 Dec 2009 Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCPv4 and DHCPv6) Options for IEEE 802.21 Mobility Services (MoS) Discovery
rfc5679 Dec 2009 Locating IEEE 802.21 Mobility Services Using DNS
rfc6153 Feb 2011 DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 Options for Access Network Discovery and Selection Function (ANDSF) Discovery
rfc6431 Nov 2011 Huawei Port Range Configuration Options for PPP IP Control Protocol (IPCP)
rfc6459 Jan 2012 IPv6 in 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Evolved Packet System (EPS)
rfc7035 Oct 2013 Relative Location Representation
rfc7406 Dec 2014 Extensions to the Emergency Services Architecture for Dealing With Unauthenticated and Unauthorized Devices

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