Himanshu C. Shah

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rfc6060 Mar 2011 Generalized Multiprotocol Label Switching (GMPLS) Control of Ethernet Provider Backbone Traffic Engineering (PBB-TE)
Cited by 7 RFCs
rfc6575 Jun 2012 Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) Mediation for IP Interworking of Layer 2 VPNs
Cited by 1 RFC
rfc7436 Jan 2015 IP-Only LAN Service (IPLS)
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rfc7769 Feb 2016 Media Access Control (MAC) Address Withdrawal over Static Pseudowire
rfc8330 Feb 2018 OSPF Traffic Engineering (OSPF-TE) Link Availability Extension for Links with Variable Discrete Bandwidth
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rfc8537 Feb 2019 Updates to the Fast Reroute Procedures for Co-routed Associated Bidirectional Label Switched Paths (LSPs)
rfc8625 Aug 2019 Ethernet Traffic Parameters with Availability Information