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Jeff Tantsura


Role Group Email
Chair Routing Area Working Group (rtgwg)
Chair Routing In Fat Trees (rift)
Delegate Bit Indexed Explicit Replication (bier)
Delegate Link State Routing (lsr)

RFCs (22)

RFC Date Title Cited by
RFC 7246 Jun 2014 Multipoint Label Distribution Protocol In-Band Signaling in a Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF) Table Context 1 RFC
RFC 7438 Jan 2015 Multipoint LDP (mLDP) In-Band Signaling with Wildcards 1 RFC
RFC 7684 Nov 2015 OSPFv2 Prefix/Link Attribute Advertisement 13 RFCs
RFC 7715 Jan 2016 Multipoint LDP (mLDP) Node Protection 2 RFCs
RFC 7734 Jan 2016 Support for Shortest Path Bridging MAC Mode over Ethernet VPN (EVPN)
RFC 8296 Jan 2018 Encapsulation for Bit Index Explicit Replication (BIER) in MPLS and Non-MPLS Networks 5 RFCs
RFC 8320 Feb 2018 LDP Extensions to Support Maximally Redundant Trees 1 RFC
RFC 8408 Jul 2018 Conveying Path Setup Type in PCE Communication Protocol (PCEP) Messages 3 RFCs
RFC 8476 Dec 2018 Signaling Maximum SID Depth (MSD) Using OSPF 5 RFCs
RFC 8491 Nov 2018 Signaling Maximum SID Depth (MSD) Using IS-IS 7 RFCs
RFC 8518 Mar 2019 Selection of Loop-Free Alternates for Multi-Homed Prefixes
RFC 8571 Mar 2019 BGP - Link State (BGP-LS) Advertisement of IGP Traffic Engineering Performance Metric Extensions 3 RFCs
RFC 8662 Dec 2019 Entropy Label for Source Packet Routing in Networking (SPRING) Tunnels 3 RFCs
RFC 8664 Dec 2019 Path Computation Element Communication Protocol (PCEP) Extensions for Segment Routing 11 RFCs
RFC 8665 Dec 2019 OSPF Extensions for Segment Routing 13 RFCs
RFC 8814 Aug 2020 Signaling Maximum SID Depth (MSD) Using the Border Gateway Protocol - Link State 7 RFCs
RFC 8920 Oct 2020 OSPF Application-Specific Link Attributes
RFC 9005 Mar 2021 Path Computation Element Communication Protocol (PCEP) Extension for Associating Policies and Label Switched Paths (LSPs) 1 RFC
RFC 9020 May 2021 YANG Data Model for Segment Routing 3 RFCs
RFC 9067 Oct 2021 A YANG Data Model for Routing Policy 4 RFCs
RFC 9104 Aug 2021 Distribution of Traffic Engineering Extended Administrative Groups Using the Border Gateway Protocol - Link State (BGP-LS)
RFC 9144 Dec 2021 Comparison of Network Management Datastore Architecture (NMDA) Datastores

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