Kathleen Moriarty

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Kathleen Moriarty is the Chief Technology Officer for the Center of Internet Security. She served as the IETF Security Area Director March 2014-2018, and was the Global Lead Security Architect with the EMC Office of the CTO (now Dell Technologies) working on technology strategy and standards. Kathleen has been the primary author of multiple published standards and actively contributes to security standards activity in the IETF. Previously, as the Practice Manager for security consulting at EMC, Kathleen was responsible for oversight of key projects, and development of security programs, in addition to serving as the acting CISO of a global investment banking firm. Kathleen has also been the head of IT Security at MIT Lincoln Laboratory and the Director of Information Security at FactSet Research Systems. Kathleen holds a Masters of Science degree in Computer Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

RFCs (11)

rfc5758 Jan 2010 Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure: Additional Algorithms and Identifiers for DSA and ECDSA
Cited by 9 RFCs
rfc6045 Nov 2010 Real-time Inter-network Defense (RID)
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rfc6046 Nov 2010 Transport of Real-time Inter-network Defense (RID) Messages
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rfc6545 Apr 2012 Real-time Inter-network Defense (RID)
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rfc7292 Jul 2014 PKCS #12: Personal Information Exchange Syntax v1.1
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rfc8017 Nov 2016 PKCS #1: RSA Cryptography Specifications Version 2.2
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rfc8018 Jan 2017 PKCS #5: Password-Based Cryptography Specification Version 2.1
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rfc8073 Mar 2017 Coordinating Attack Response at Internet Scale (CARIS) Workshop Report
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rfc8404 Jul 2018 Effects of Pervasive Encryption on Operators
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rfc8953 Dec 2020 Coordinating Attack Response at Internet Scale 2 (CARIS2) Workshop Report
rfc8996 Mar 2021 Deprecating TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1
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