Mark Nottingham

Photo of Mark Nottingham

Mark Nottingham has been active in the IETF since 2000 and currently co-chairs the HTTP and QUIC Working Groups, and is a member of the Internet Architecture Board. He is also active in the W3C, most recently being a member of the Technical Architecture Group (TAG).


rfc3864 Sep 2004 Registration Procedures for Message Header Fields
Cited by 111 RFCs
rfc3902 Sep 2004 The "application/soap+xml" media type
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rfc4229 Dec 2005 HTTP Header Field Registrations
rfc4287 Dec 2005 The Atom Syndication Format
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rfc5005 Sep 2007 Feed Paging and Archiving
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rfc5785 Apr 2010 Defining Well-Known Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs)
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rfc5861 May 2010 HTTP Cache-Control Extensions for Stale Content
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rfc5988 Oct 2010 Web Linking
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rfc6570 Mar 2012 URI Template
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rfc6585 Apr 2012 Additional HTTP Status Codes
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rfc6648 Jun 2012 Deprecating the "X-" Prefix and Similar Constructs in Application Protocols
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rfc6901 Apr 2013 JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) Pointer
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rfc6902 Apr 2013 JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) Patch
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rfc7234 Jun 2014 Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP/1.1): Caching
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rfc8674 Dec 2019 The "safe" HTTP Preference
rfc8752 Mar 2020 Report from the IAB Workshop on Exploring Synergy between Content Aggregation and the Publisher Ecosystem (ESCAPE)