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Ted Hardie is a senior member of the Internet Evangelism team at Google Research, working with groups inside and outside Google to develop Internet technologies. He started work in the Internet field at SRI and has since had leadership roles at the NASA Science Internet project, Equinix, Nominum, Qualcomm, and Panasonic Research. He was an Applications Area Director from 2003-2007 and then served as Trustee of the Internet Society from 2007 to 2010. He received his bachelor’s degree from Yale and his doctorate from Stanford. He has been a Fulbright Fellow and a Yale-China Fellow, both in Hong Kong.

RFCs (18)

rfc2506 Mar 1999 Media Feature Tag Registration Procedure
Cited by 38 RFCs
rfc2655 Aug 1999 CIP Index Object Format for SOIF Objects
Cited by 2 RFCs
rfc2656 Aug 1999 Registration Procedures for SOIF Template Types
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rfc3258 Apr 2002 Distributing Authoritative Name Servers via Shared Unicast Addresses
Cited by 4 RFCs
rfc3553 Jun 2003 An IETF URN Sub-namespace for Registered Protocol Parameters
Cited by 49 RFCs
rfc3929 Oct 2004 Alternative Decision Making Processes for Consensus-Blocked Decisions in the IETF
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rfc4395 Feb 2006 Guidelines and Registration Procedures for New URI Schemes
Cited by 75 RFCs
rfc5222 Aug 2008 LoST: A Location-to-Service Translation Protocol
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rfc5606 Aug 2009 Implications of 'retransmission-allowed' for SIP Location Conveyance
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rfc7595 Jun 2015 Guidelines and Registration Procedures for URI Schemes
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rfc7624 Aug 2015 Confidentiality in the Face of Pervasive Surveillance: A Threat Model and Problem Statement
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rfc7936 Jul 2016 Clarifying Registry Procedures for the WebSocket Subprotocol Name Registry
rfc8165 May 2017 Design Considerations for Metadata Insertion
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rfc8558 Apr 2019 Transport Protocol Path Signals
rfc8602 Jul 2019 Update to the Telephony Routing over IP (TRIP) IANA Registry Rules regarding Postal Addresses
rfc8714 Feb 2020 Update to the Process for Selection of Trustees for the IETF Trust
Cited by 5 RFCs
rfc8958 Dec 2020 Updated Registration Rules for URI.ARPA
rfc8980 Feb 2021 Report from the IAB Workshop on Design Expectations vs. Deployment Reality in Protocol Development

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