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Brian Adamson


Brian has no active roles as of 2024-05-25.

RFCs (9)

RFC Date Title Cited by
RFC 1677 Aug 1994 Tactical Radio Frequency Communication Requirements for IPng 2 RFCs
RFC 3940 Nov 2004 Negative-acknowledgment (NACK)-Oriented Reliable Multicast (NORM) Protocol 5 RFCs
RFC 3941 Nov 2004 Negative-Acknowledgment (NACK)-Oriented Reliable Multicast (NORM) Building Blocks 4 RFCs
RFC 5148 Feb 2008 Jitter Considerations in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs) 9 RFCs
RFC 5401 Nov 2008 Multicast Negative-Acknowledgment (NACK) Building Blocks 1 RFC
RFC 5740 Nov 2009 NACK-Oriented Reliable Multicast (NORM) Transport Protocol 14 RFCs
RFC 6968 Jul 2013 FCAST: Object Delivery for the Asynchronous Layered Coding (ALC) and NACK-Oriented Reliable Multicast (NORM) Protocols 1 RFC
RFC 7367 Oct 2014 Definition of Managed Objects for the Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) Simplified Multicast Framework Relay Set Process
RFC 8406 Jun 2018 Taxonomy of Coding Techniques for Efficient Network Communications 7 RFCs

Active Internet-Drafts (0)

Brian has no active Internet-Drafts as of 2024-05-25.

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