Steve Crocker


Steve has no active roles as of 2022-01-24.

RFCs (13)

rfc1281 Nov 1991 Guidelines for the Secure Operation of the Internet
Cited by 2 RFCs
rfc1636 Jun 1994 Report of IAB Workshop on Security in the Internet Architecture - February 8-10, 1994
Cited by 10 RFCs
rfc1640 Jun 1994 The Process for Organization of Internet Standards Working Group (POISED)
rfc1750 Dec 1994 Randomness Recommendations for Security
Cited by 73 RFCs
rfc1776 Apr 1995 The Address is the Message
rfc1796 Apr 1995 Not All RFCs are Standards
Cited by 5 RFCs
rfc1847 Oct 1995 Security Multiparts for MIME: Multipart/Signed and Multipart/Encrypted
Cited by 43 RFCs
rfc1848 Oct 1995 MIME Object Security Services
Cited by 15 RFCs
rfc1898 Feb 1996 CyberCash Credit Card Protocol Version 0.8
Cited by 1 RFC
rfc4086 Jun 2005 Randomness Requirements for Security
Cited by 364 RFCs
rfc4986 Aug 2007 Requirements Related to DNS Security (DNSSEC) Trust Anchor Rollover
Cited by 1 RFC
rfc6529 Apr 2012 Host/Host Protocol for the ARPA Network
rfc6975 Jul 2013 Signaling Cryptographic Algorithm Understanding in DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC)
Cited by 2 RFCs