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Dave Cridland


Dave has no active roles as of 2022-12-08.

RFCs (8)

RFC Date Title Cited by
RFC 4731 Nov 2006 IMAP4 Extension to SEARCH Command for Controlling What Kind of Information Is Returned 8 RFCs
RFC 5162 Mar 2008 IMAP4 Extensions for Quick Mailbox Resynchronization 5 RFCs
RFC 5267 Jul 2008 Contexts for IMAP4 9 RFCs
RFC 5524 May 2009 Extended URLFETCH for Binary and Converted Parts 1 RFC
RFC 5550 Aug 2009 The Internet Email to Support Diverse Service Environments (Lemonade) Profile 2 RFCs
RFC 5788 Mar 2010 IMAP4 Keyword Registry 3 RFCs
RFC 6075 Dec 2010 The Internet Assigned Number Authority (IANA) Application Configuration Access Protocol (ACAP) Vendor Subtrees Registry 1 RFC
RFC 7162 May 2014 IMAP Extensions: Quick Flag Changes Resynchronization (CONDSTORE) and Quick Mailbox Resynchronization (QRESYNC) 3 RFCs

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