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David E. Fu

RFCs (3)

RFC Date Title Cited by
RFC 4753 Jan 2007 ECP Groups For IKE and IKEv2 6 RFCs
RFC 4754 Jan 2007 IKE and IKEv2 Authentication Using the Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) 11 RFCs
RFC 5903 Jun 2010 Elliptic Curve Groups modulo a Prime (ECP Groups) for IKE and IKEv2 11 RFCs

Active Internet-Drafts (0)

David has no active Internet-Drafts as of 2023-12-03.

Expired Internet-Drafts (0)

David has no expired Internet-Drafts as of 2023-12-03.

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