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IJsbrand Wijnands

RFCs (23)

RFC Date Title Cited by
RFC 5384 Nov 2008 The Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM) Join Attribute Format 9 RFCs
RFC 5496 Mar 2009 The Reverse Path Forwarding (RPF) Vector TLV 6 RFCs
RFC 6037 Oct 2010 Cisco Systems' Solution for Multicast in BGP/MPLS IP VPNs 3 RFCs
RFC 6388 Nov 2011 Label Distribution Protocol Extensions for Point-to-Multipoint and Multipoint-to-Multipoint Label Switched Paths 32 RFCs
RFC 6512 Feb 2012 Using Multipoint LDP When the Backbone Has No Route to the Root 3 RFCs
RFC 6516 Feb 2012 IPv6 Multicast VPN (MVPN) Support Using PIM Control Plane and Selective Provider Multicast Service Interface (S-PMSI) Join Messages
RFC 6559 Mar 2012 A Reliable Transport Mechanism for PIM
RFC 6826 Jan 2013 Multipoint LDP In-Band Signaling for Point-to-Multipoint and Multipoint-to-Multipoint Label Switched Paths 3 RFCs
RFC 7060 Nov 2013 Using LDP Multipoint Extensions on Targeted LDP Sessions 2 RFCs
RFC 7140 Mar 2014 LDP Extensions for Hub and Spoke Multipoint Label Switched Path 1 RFC
RFC 7246 Jun 2014 Multipoint Label Distribution Protocol In-Band Signaling in a Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF) Table Context 1 RFC
RFC 7431 Aug 2015 Multicast-Only Fast Reroute 2 RFCs
RFC 7438 Jan 2015 Multipoint LDP (mLDP) In-Band Signaling with Wildcards 1 RFC
RFC 7441 Jan 2015 Encoding Multipoint LDP (mLDP) Forwarding Equivalence Classes (FECs) in the NLRI of BGP MCAST-VPN Routes 1 RFC
RFC 7582 Jul 2015 Multicast Virtual Private Network (MVPN): Using Bidirectional P-Tunnels 3 RFCs
RFC 7715 Jan 2016 Multipoint LDP (mLDP) Node Protection 2 RFCs
RFC 7891 Jun 2016 Explicit Reverse Path Forwarding (RPF) Vector
RFC 8279 Nov 2017 Multicast Using Bit Index Explicit Replication (BIER) 9 RFCs
RFC 8296 Jan 2018 Encapsulation for Bit Index Explicit Replication (BIER) in MPLS and Non-MPLS Networks 6 RFCs
RFC 8320 Feb 2018 LDP Extensions to Support Maximally Redundant Trees 1 RFC
RFC 8364 Mar 2018 PIM Flooding Mechanism (PFM) and Source Discovery (SD) 1 RFC
RFC 8444 Nov 2018 OSPFv2 Extensions for Bit Index Explicit Replication (BIER) 5 RFCs
RFC 9272 Sep 2022 Underlay Path Calculation Algorithm and Constraints for Bit Index Explicit Replication (BIER)

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