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K. Robert Glenn

RFCs (7)

RFC Date Title Cited by
RFC 2085 Feb 1997 HMAC-MD5 IP Authentication with Replay Prevention 6 RFCs
RFC 2202 Sep 1997 Test Cases for HMAC-MD5 and HMAC-SHA-1 17 RFCs
RFC 2403 Nov 1998 The Use of HMAC-MD5-96 within ESP and AH 26 RFCs
RFC 2404 Nov 1998 The Use of HMAC-SHA-1-96 within ESP and AH 44 RFCs
RFC 2410 Nov 1998 The NULL Encryption Algorithm and Its Use With IPsec 30 RFCs
RFC 2411 Nov 1998 IP Security Document Roadmap 31 RFCs
RFC 3602 Sep 2003 The AES-CBC Cipher Algorithm and Its Use with IPsec 33 RFCs

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