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Steve Hanna is a Senior Principal at Infineon Technologies. On a global basis, he is responsible for IoT security strategy and technology. Within the Trusted Computing Group, he co-chairs the Embedded Systems Work Group, IoT Sub Group, and Industrial Sub Group. He is a member of the Security Area Directorate in the Internet Engineering Task Force and an author in the Industrial Internet Consortium.

RFCs (6)

rfc2730 Dec 1999 Multicast Address Dynamic Client Allocation Protocol (MADCAP)
Cited by 16 RFCs
rfc5793 Mar 2010 PB-TNC: A Posture Broker (PB) Protocol Compatible with Trusted Network Connect (TNC)
Cited by 6 RFCs
rfc6678 Jul 2012 Requirements for a Tunnel-Based Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) Method
Cited by 2 RFCs
rfc6813 Dec 2012 The Network Endpoint Assessment (NEA) Asokan Attack Analysis
Cited by 2 RFCs
rfc7018 Sep 2013 Auto-Discovery VPN Problem Statement and Requirements
rfc7170 May 2014 Tunnel Extensible Authentication Protocol (TEAP) Version 1
Cited by 5 RFCs

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