Dr. Karen R. Sollins

RFCs (6)

rfc1107 Jul 1989 Plan for Internet directory services
Cited by 3 RFCs
rfc1350 Jul 1992 The TFTP Protocol (Revision 2)
Cited by 32 RFCs
rfc1737 Dec 1994 Functional Requirements for Uniform Resource Names
Cited by 33 RFCs
rfc1862 Nov 1995 Report of the IAB Workshop on Internet Information Infrastructure, October 12-14, 1994
Cited by 1 RFC
rfc2276 Jan 1998 Architectural Principles of Uniform Resource Name Resolution
Cited by 14 RFCs
rfc2972 Oct 2000 Context and Goals for Common Name Resolution
Cited by 1 RFC

Active Drafts (0)

Karen has no active drafts as of 2021-10-20.