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Simon Pietro Romano
Pronouns: he/him

Simon Pietro Romano is a Full Professor in the “Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology” at the University of Napoli Federico II. He teaches computer networks, computer architectures, network security, and Web and Real Time Communication Systems. He is also the co-founder of Meetecho, a startup and university spin-off dealing with scalable video streaming and WebRTC-based unified collaboration, as well as of SECSI (SECurity Solutions for Innovation), that focuses on network security. He actively participates in IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) standardization activities, mainly in the Applications and Real Time (ART) area. Simon Pietro Romano conducts research activities in the field of networking since 1998. He has been working on the definition of advanced networking architectures capable to provide end-users with optimized quality of experience, thanks to a closed-loop approach going from SLA-based management down to policy-based configuration of the devices and autonomic monitoring. He has contributed to the field of real-time multimedia applications, with special regard to the design, implementation and standardization of scalable, distributed architectures for conferencing, media control and telepresence. He has carried out research in the field of network security, by mainly focusing on distributed intrusion detection, critical infrastructure protection and AI-based automation of Penetration Testing techniques. He has investigated issues associated with distribution of control in 5G-compliant, container-based, virtualized architectures. He is the Director of the CINI (Consorzio Interuniversitario Nazionale per l’Informatica) laboratories in Naples. Simon Pietro Romano has a long track of participations in R&D projects, both at the national and at the international level. He has recently been the Principal Investigator within the SHINE (Secure Hybrid In Network caching Environment) project funded by the European Space Agency (ESA). He currently leads the CINI research unit in three ESA-funded projects.


Role Group Email
Recording Manager IETF (ietf)

RFCs (5)

RFC Date Title Cited by
RFC 6503 Mar 2012 Centralized Conferencing Manipulation Protocol 4 RFCs
RFC 6504 Mar 2012 Centralized Conferencing Manipulation Protocol (CCMP) Call Flow Examples 1 RFC
RFC 7058 Nov 2013 Media Control Channel Framework (CFW) Call Flow Examples
RFC 8846 Jan 2021 An XML Schema for the Controlling Multiple Streams for Telepresence (CLUE) Data Model 4 RFCs
RFC 8847 Jan 2021 Protocol for Controlling Multiple Streams for Telepresence (CLUE) 4 RFCs

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