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Xing Li
Pronouns: he/him

Xing Li is currently a Professor in the Electronic Engineering Department at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. Xing Li received his B. S. degree in radio electronics from Tsinghua University, Beijing in 1982, and his M. S. and Ph. D. degrees in electrical engineering from Drexel University, USA in 1985 and 1989, respectively. He is deputy director of China Education and Research Network (CERNET) Center, responsible for the design and operation of the CERNET and China Next Generation Internet (CERNET2). He is a formal chairman of Asia Pacific Networking Group (APNG) and a formal member of executive council of Asia Pacific Network Information Center (APNIC). He is a formal member of IAB. His major research activities and interests include statistical signal processing, multimedia communication and compute networks. He has published more than 300 papers in his research areas. He is the coauthor of 11 RFCs.


Xing has no active roles as of 2024-02-23.

RFCs (11)

RFC Date Title Cited by
RFC 4925 Jul 2007 Softwire Problem Statement 12 RFCs
RFC 5210 Jun 2008 A Source Address Validation Architecture (SAVA) Testbed and Deployment Experience
RFC 5747 Mar 2010 4over6 Transit Solution Using IP Encapsulation and MP-BGP Extensions 1 RFC
RFC 6052 Oct 2010 IPv6 Addressing of IPv4/IPv6 Translators 50 RFCs
RFC 6144 Apr 2011 Framework for IPv4/IPv6 Translation 27 RFCs
RFC 6145 Apr 2011 IP/ICMP Translation Algorithm 39 RFCs
RFC 6219 May 2011 The China Education and Research Network (CERNET) IVI Translation Design and Deployment for the IPv4/IPv6 Coexistence and Transition 7 RFCs
RFC 6791 Nov 2012 Stateless Source Address Mapping for ICMPv6 Packets 4 RFCs
RFC 7597 Jul 2015 Mapping of Address and Port with Encapsulation (MAP-E) 22 RFCs
RFC 7599 Jul 2015 Mapping of Address and Port using Translation (MAP-T) 13 RFCs
RFC 7915 Jun 2016 IP/ICMP Translation Algorithm 11 RFCs

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