Draft/RFC statistics

Please Note: The author information in the datatracker about RFCs with numbers lower than about 1300 and drafts from before 2001 is unreliable and in many cases absent. For this reason, statistics on these pages does not show correct author stats for corpus selections that involve such documents.


h-index Percentage of authors Authors
15 0.15% Clarence Filsfils
Stefano Previdi
12 0.15% Martin Björklund
Qin Wu
11 0.07% Mohamed Boucadair
10 0.07% Kent Watsen
9 0.66% Andy Bierman
Carlos Pignataro
David Ward
Greg Mirsky
Hannes Tschofenig
Jeff Tantsura
John Drake
Les Ginsberg
Sam Aldrin
8 0.88% Acee Lindem
Bruno Decraene
Carsten Bormann
Dhruv Dhody
Eric Rescorla
Michael Jones
Pascal Thubert
Paul Hoffman
Stephane Litkowski
Stewart Bryant
Tirumaleswar Reddy.K
Xufeng Liu
7 0.88% Adrian Farrel
Alexander Clemm
Christer Holmberg
Colin Perkins
Cullen Jennings
Eric Rosen
Ina Minei
Lou Berger
Mach Chen
Magnus Westerlund
Rob Shakir
Siva Sivabalan
6 1.84% Adam Langley
Al Morton
Christian Jacquenet
Diego Lopez
Donald Eastlake
Fernando Gont
Fred Baker
Gorry Fairhurst
Jim Schaad
John Bradley
Jon Peterson
Jürgen Schönwälder
Mark Nottingham
Martin Thomson
Michael Tüxen
Oscar de Dios
Paul Wouters
Peter Psenak
Robert Varga
Salvatore Loreto
Sean Turner
Suresh Krishnan
Susan Hares
Wim Henderickx
Zhaohui Zhang
5 2.51% 34
4 4.50% 61
3 8.33% 113
2 17.91% 243
1 62.05% 842

Hirsch index or h-index is a measure of the productivity and impact of the publications of an author. An author with an h-index of 5 has had 5 publications each cited at least 5 times - to increase the index to 6, the 5 publications plus 1 more would have to have been cited at least 6 times, each. Thus a high h-index requires many highly-cited publications.

Note that the h-index calculations do not exclude self-references.