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Document draft-ietf-avtcore-rtp-v3c
Revision 00
Group Audio/Video Transport Core Maintenance (AVTCORE)
Document date 2022-11-08
Submission date 2022-11-10
Title RTP Payload Format for Visual Volumetric Video-based Coding (V3C)
Author count 2 authors
Author 1 Lauri Ilola <>
Nokia Technologies
Author 2 Lukasz Kondrad <>
Nokia Technologies
Abstract This memo describes an RTP payload format for visual volumetric
video-based coding (V3C) [ISO.IEC.23090-5]. A V3C bitstream is
composed of V3C units that contain V3C video sub-bitstreams, V3C
atlas sub-bitstreams, or a V3C parameter set. The RTP payload format
for V3C video sub-bitstreams is defined by appropriate Internet
Standards for the applicable video codec. The RTP payload format for
V3C atlas sub-bitstreams is described by this memo. The RTP payload
format allows for packetization of one or more V3C Network
Abstraction Layer (NAL) units in a RTP packet payload as well as
fragmentation of a V3C NAL unit into multiple RTP packets. The memo
also describes the mechanisms for grouping RTP streams of V3C
component sub-bitstreams, providing a complete solution for streaming
V3C bitstream.
Page count 41
File size 85.8 KB
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2022-12-15 Jonathan Lennox Approved and posted submission
2022-11-10 Lauri Ilola Set submitter to "Lauri Ilola <>", replaces to draft-ilola-avtcore-rtp-v3c and sent approval email to group chairs:
2022-11-10 Lauri Ilola Uploaded submission
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