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Document draft-liu-detnet-anomalous-packets-handling
Revision 00
Group Individual Submission
Document date 2024-02-28
Submission date 2024-02-28
Title Anomalous Packets Handling for DetNet
Author count 3 authors
Author 1 Chang Liu <>
China Unicom
Author 2 Jinjie Yan <>
ZTE Corporation
Author 3 Xiangyang Zhu <>
ZTE Corporation
Abstract In deterministic networking (DetNet), there may be resource conflicts
at the flow aggregation nodes, resulting in network anomalies. The
existing mechanisms for handling anomalous packets in the data plane
are crude, such as discarding or processing them as BE flows, so the
network performance may be worse than applying traditional QoS.
Therefore, in order to handle the anomalous traffic, the data plane
should implement an enhanced handling mechanism.

This document proposes an anomalous packet handling solution for
anomalous traffic in DetNet. This solution includes two policies:
the packet squeezing policy and the packet degrading policy, which
can be applied flexibly to a variety of queuing mechanisms, thereby
ensuring that network traffic for deterministic services is
preferentially scheduled in anomalous situations.
Page count 13
File size 28.2 KB
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2024-02-29 Jinjie Yan Cancelled submission
2024-02-28 Jinjie Yan Sent full access URL to: Chang Liu <>, Jinjie Yan <>, Xiangyang Zhu <>
2024-02-28 Jinjie Yan Edited abstract, submitter and sent request for manual post
2024-02-28 Completed submission validation checks
2024-02-28 Uploaded submission
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