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Document draft-ietf-urnbis-rfc3044bis-issn-urn
Revision 00
Group Uniform Resource Names, Revised (URNBIS)

Group exists but is not an active group

Document date 2012-02-24
Submission date 2012-02-24
Title Using International Standard Serial Numbers as Uniform Resource Names
Author count 1 author
Author 1 Pierre Godefroy <>
unknown affiliation
unknown country
Abstract The International Standard Serial Number, ISSN, has been the
authoritative identifier for continuing resources (which include
serials) for more than three decades. Since 2001, the URN (Uniform
Resource Name) namespace "ISSN" has been reserved for ISSNs. The
namespace registration was performed in RFC 3044. This document
redefines how the revised ISSN standard can be supported within the
URN framework, taking into account in particular the latest revision
of the ISSN standard in the ISO framework (ISO 3297:2007). Moreover,
additional syntax related information required by the RFC 2141[bis]
has been included. An updated namespace registration is provided.
This document replaces RFC 3044.
Page count 19
File size 41.3 KB
Formal languages used None recognized
Submission additional resources None

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Name Pierre Godefroy
Email address


Date By Event
2012-02-24 Pierre Godefroy Uploaded submission
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