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Document draft-naresh-mptcp-security-for-5g
Revision 00
Group Individual Submission
Document date 2018-07-30
Submission date 2018-07-29
Title Security for 5G
Authors 2 authors
Author 1 Naresh Kumar <> - NIT Delhi - Narela, Delhi-110040,INDIA (understood to be India)
Author 2 Karan Verma <> - NIT Delhi - Narela, Delhi-110040,INDIA (understood to be India)
Abstract This document proposes a new method which provides the capability to
resolve issue of attack over Mobile Communication System. This
document assumes that the reader is familiar with some concepts and
details regarding Authentication and Encryption in generations of
Mobile Telephony.

Pages 7
File size 12.5 KB
Formal languages used None recognized
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NameNaresh Kumar


2018-07-31 Jenny Bui Posted submission manually
2018-07-29 Naresh Kumar Sent full access URL to: Karan Verma <>, Naresh Kumar <>
2018-07-29 Naresh Kumar Edited abstract, submitter and sent request for manual post
2018-07-29 Naresh Kumar Uploaded submission

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