Internet Message Extensions (822ext) Concluded WG

Group History

Date By Action
1993-10-05 (System) Concluded group
1993-03-30 (System) Changed milestone "Submit the Japanese Character set specification as an Informational document.", resolved as "Done"
1993-03-30 (System) Changed milestone "Submit the revised MIME document to the IESG for consideration as a Draft Standard.", resolved as "Done"
1993-02-28 (System) Changed milestone "Post a revised version of the MIME document as an Internet-Draft.", resolved as "Done"
1992-08-25 (System) Changed milestone "Post an Internet-Draft for the use of Japanese Characters for Internet Mail.", resolved as "Done"
1991-12-30 (System) Changed milestone "Submit the document as a Proposed Standard.", resolved as "Done"
1991-11-30 (System) Changed milestone "Review and finalize the draft document.", resolved as "Done"
1991-07-30 (System) Changed milestone "Review exiting writing, resolve outstanding issues, identify          new work, and work toward a complete document.", resolved as "Done"
1991-06-18 (System) Changed milestone "Post a first Internet-Draft.", resolved as "Done"
1991-04-06 (System) Changed milestone "Review the Charter, and refine the Group's focus. Decide whether this is a worthwhile effort.", resolved as "Done"
1991-04-06 (System)
Changed milestone "Discuss, debate, and choose a framework for the solution.            Assign writing assignments, and identify issues to be resolved.", …
1991-04-05 (System) Started group
1991-04-05 (System) Proposed group