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Concluded WG Application Authentication/Authorization Review Gr (aaarg)

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WG Name Application Authentication/Authorization Review Gr
Acronym aaarg
Area Applications Area (app)
State Concluded
Charter charter-ietf-aaarg-01 Approved
Document dependencies
Personnel Chair Paul Krumviede
Mailing list Address
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Archive http://www/

Final Charter for Working Group

The IESG/IAB security workshop concluded that plaintext passwords are
no longer acceptable in new protocols. Unfortunately, a large number
of complex problems need to be solved in order for there to be a
practical alternative for application protocols. The goal of this
working group is to identify or develop components for a baseline
authentication/authorization system for use by Internet application
protocols. This system must have the following characteristics:

  • Be as simple as possible -- specifically, baseline authentication,
    authorization and integrity services must not require ASN.1 or the
    deployment of a certificate infrastructure.

  • Have no dependencies which require or have the effect of requiring
    trade secret technology

  • Have no dependencies which would prevent or unnecessarily complicate
    freely available or shareware implementations. Specifically, patents
    are a serious concern.

  • Provide a transition strategy for moving from current plaintext
    password systems

  • Allow for the existence of proxy servers in the architecture

  • Avoid potential export restrictions as much as possible

The top priority deliverables are:

  • A SASL mechanism intended to replace CRAM-MD5 which repairs the
    weakness of MD5, the lack of an authorization identifier, and
    possibly also addresses the lack of optional integrity protection
    and CRAM's susceptibility to dictionary attacks by a passive
    observer. This document should include sample source code in an
    appendix to assist implementors with no security experience or

  • A simple password changing protocol to replace the defacto standard
    "poppassd" which uses plaintext passwords.

  • A SASL mechanism which can be used to transition from plaintext

  • A simple protocol to permit the verification of authentication
    credentials against an authentication/authorization database.
    RADIUS will be reviewed to determine if it is appropriate for
    application level use.

  • An RFC which documents the overall architecture for application
    protocols and makes recommendations for how application protocol
    implementors can support various security scenarios.

The second priority deliverables are:

  • An Informational RFC which documents vendor support for this
    architecture. This will require an outreach effort to Internet
    server vendors to determine how they can integrate a "no plaintext
    passwords on the network" architecture into operating system
    services such as login, change password, switch user and proprietary
    secure services.

  • An RFC which makes a recommendation for a small set of encryption
    technologies for use in application protocols which meet the
    architecture criteria listed above. The goal is to make
    interoperable encryption easier to deploy.

  • An RFC which recommends a single remote login protocol for use with
    this architecture. If necessary this will repair problems in that
    protocol or extend it to meet the architecture criteria.

  • An RFC which documents an API for use with SASL

Goals and Milestones:

Jun 97 First draft of SASL password transition document

Jul 97 First draft of password change document

Aug 97 First draft of authentication verification protocol,
if deemed necessary

Aug 97 First draft of CRAM-MD5 replacement document

Aug 97 Meet in Munich

Sep 97 First draft of architecture document

Sep 97 SASL transition submitted to IESG for proposed standard

Sep 97 Password change submitted to IESG for proposed standard

Oct 97 Auth verification submitted to IESG for proposed

Nov 97 CRAM-MD5 replacement submitted to IESG for proposed

Nov 97 First draft of encryption document

Nov 97 First draft of SASL API

Nov 97 First draft of remote login document

Dec 97 First draft of vendor document

Dec 97 Architecture document submitted to IESG for ?? status

Jun 98 Conclude Working Group


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