Internet Accounting (acct) Concluded WG

Group History

Date By Action
1993-04-16 (System) Concluded group
1992-07-30 (System) Changed milestone "Post the Accounting Meter MIB as an Internet-Draft.", resolved as "Done"
1992-03-30 (System) Changed milestone "Architecture submission as Internet-Draft.", resolved as "Done"
1991-08-02 (System) Changed milestone "Internet Accounting Background final draft submitted to the IESG for consideration as an Informational RFC.", resolved as "Done"
1991-05-01 (System) Changed milestone "Collection protocol recommendation.", resolved as "Done"
1990-11-01 (System) Changed milestone "Collection Protocols Working Papers written.", resolved as "Done"
1990-08-01 (System) Changed milestone "Internet Accounting Background Working Draft written.", resolved as "Done"
1990-05-01 (System) Changed milestone "Policy models examined.", resolved as "Done"
1990-02-06 (System) Started group
1990-02-06 (System) Proposed group