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Concluded WG Comprehensive apprOACH to quality (coach)

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WG Name Comprehensive apprOACH to quality
Acronym coach
Area General Area (gen)
State Concluded
Charter charter-ietf-coach-01 Approved
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Personnel Chairs Dr. Bernard D. Aboba, John A. Loughney
Area Director Russ Housley
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Final Charter for Working Group

This BOF will focus on proposals for quality improvement within the
IETF process, and determine if there is enough substance to work on a
framework within which these proposals are evaluated. The outcome of
the BOF will be to determine how best to proceed with these issues in
the IETF.

There are concerns about the quality and timeliness of IETF output.
These problems are enumerated in the IETF Problem Statement, currently
under development in the Problem Statement Working Group. The current
IETF Problem Resolution Process document suggests that a Working Group
be formed to improve the quality processes, including review processes,
used by IETF Working Groups.

The goals of this BOF will be to determine a basic approach that the
IETF could take to WG process improvement, examine some of the
documented proposal for process improvement, and determine if there is
enough interest and content to warrant the creation of a WG to improve
the quality processes used by Working Groups.

One goal is to write one or more documents on aspects of a WG quality
plan. For example, a document on tracking tools - what's available,
and more importantly, how to use them to improve quality. Another
document on reviews - how they might be conducted, the rules for
reviewing, choosing reviewers, etc. The benefit of this is that it
while it requires Working Groups to think about the issue, it doesn't
require that all working groups come up with the same plan.