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Concluded WG Domain Name System (dns)

Document Date Status IPR AD/Shepherd
RFCs (5 hits)
12 pages
RFC 1536 (was draft-ietf-dns-common-errors)
Common DNS Implementation Errors and Suggested Fixes
1993-10 Informational RFC
Updated by RFC 9210

9 pages
RFC 1537 (was draft-ietf-dns-config-errors)
Common DNS Data File Configuration Errors
1993-10 Informational RFC
Obsoleted by RFC 1912

30 pages
RFC 1611 (was draft-ietf-dns-server-mib)
DNS Server MIB Extensions
1994-05 Historic RFC
32 pages
RFC 1612 (was draft-ietf-dns-resolver-mib)
DNS Resolver MIB Extensions
1994-05 Historic RFC
7 pages
RFC 1794 (was draft-ietf-dns-lb)
DNS Support for Load Balancing
1995-04 Informational RFC
Related Internet-Drafts (2 hits)
13 pages
Leveraging DNS in Digital Trust: Credential Exchanges and Trust Registries
2023-04-05 I-D Exists
18 pages
A Concise Binary Object Representation (CBOR) of DNS Messages
2023-03-13 I-D Exists