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Future Directions for Differential Services (fddifs)

WG Name Future Directions for Differential Services
Acronym fddifs
State BOF Concluded
Charter charter-ietf-fddifs-01 Approved
Document dependencies
Personnel Chair Brian E. Carpenter
Chat Room address

Charter for Working Group

Goal: establish framework for future IETF work on differential service
classes on IP networks.

IntServ and RSVP describe an end-to-end session-based model for
differential service classes. Doubts have been expressed about the
scalability of this approach for the global Internet as well as doubts
about how well these technologies match what Internet users would like to
see as products from Internet service providers.

Other models of differential service classes exist, with coarser
granularity (per subscriber, per application class, etc.) These potentially
rely only on simple mechanisms that implement the integrated services
classes (local bandwidth management, precedence and TOS bits, WFQ, CBQ,

The BOF will explore the types of differential services that are desired in
the Internet and in private intranets and thus what directions IETF work
should take in the area of differential services over IP, now that the basic
IntServ & RSVP technologies are complete.