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Object/Document Security (ios)

WG Name Object/Document Security
Acronym ios
State BOF Concluded
Charter charter-ietf-ios-01 Approved
Document dependencies
Personnel Chair John H. Lowry
Chat Room address

Charter for Working Group

Temporary Description 11/17/94 mw

The purpose of this BOF is to present information and to discuss ideas
associated with document/object security, store and forward security,
and third-party security services. The general idea of creating
protected objects (e.g., signed documents, encrypted files) which
can be accessed and transferred by a variety of applications is
being discussed in several contexts - store and forward extensions
to GSSAPI, PEM-MIME work, www security, etc.

We would like to discuss requirements and constraints for a
general capability for protected objects and explore the need
for a common approach to providing these types of services.

We are planning to present some of our ideas on the requirements and
goals for general protected objects as well as details on an
Information Object Security project BBN is currently working on for
ARPA (short summary below). This project has developed security tools
for protection of documents and objects as well as for invoking and
performing trusted third party services.

We're looking for anyone else who would like agenda time to either
present specific work/ideas or to discuss requirements and other
contexts for protected objects. If you'd like to volunteer either
send a message to or just show up and we can sort out
the agenda there.

Finally there will be a discussion to determine whether there is
interest in continuing. Should a mailing-list be formed ? Is there
enough interest and focus to attempt creation of a working group
charter ? After the BOF, we're prepared to demonstrate prototype IOS
tools for any interested parties.

IOS Project

These tools allow the users to apply multiple parallel and
sequential signatures and annotations to objects/documents, and to
provide access control and confidentiality protections to these

There are a number of utilities available to perform certificate
validation and maintain a cache of certificates. Included in the
tool set is an ASN.1 to C++ compiler.

Third-party services are also under investigation and the issues
of a trusted time-stamp server, third-party involvement in
non-repudiation, and proof of delivery, submission, and receipt
are addressed.

Documents describing the IOS project tools and architecture are
available for anonymous ftp from the server in the
directory /pub/outgoing/ios_docs.