IOT Operations (iotops) Proposed WG

WG Name IOT Operations
Acronym iotops
Area Operations and Management Area (ops)
State Proposed
Charter charter-ietf-iotops-00-01 Draft Charter
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Personnel Chairs Alexey Melnikov 
Henk Birkholz 
Area Director Warren Kumari 
Editor Warren Kumari 
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Charter for proposed Working Group

The IOTOPS working group is for the discussion of operational issues related to Internet of Things (IoT) devices and the publication and standardization of documents that relate to management of IoT devices, in particular related to device onboarding and lifecycle management.

IoT has a rather nebulous definition with different meanings for different people.

For the purposes of this WG, its focus is on devices that are:
- networked - either to the Internet or isolated domain(s),
- have a very limited end user interface or no end-user interface at all,
- are deployed in sufficiently large numbers that they cannot easily be managed or maintained manually.

The IETF has been working on a wide variety of protocols for use by machine to machine communication that are applicable to IoT devices. Such protocols and Working Groups include CoAP, CBOR, DRIP, 6TISCH, ROLL, LAKE, LPWAN, LWIG, SUIT, SZTP, and Manufacturer Usage Description.

IOTOPS will solicit input on IoT device related operational issues and practices, existing and proposed technologies related to the deployment, operation and lifecycle management of IoT devices.
IOTOPS provides a venue for IoT experts and other interested parties to engage in discussions of IoT requirements of networking standards, as well as proposals for new uses of IP technology in IoT specific scenarios. Where new protocols or revisions to existing protocols are needed, IOTOPS will help identify candidate venues within IETF for their development.

In cases where there are no other suitable venues, the WG may develop protocols, primarily of an operational nature or initiate the creation of a WG. This work will be coordinated with the responsible ADs.

IOTOPS WG charter is restricted to:
Take input and discuss issues related to the operational management of IoT devices.
Not limited to, but including:
- factory provisioning of devices
- onboarding of devices
- access control of devices to network resources
- administrative control of devices
- software/firmware upgrades
- isolation/quarantine of devices
- remediation of broken devices
- end of life management of devices
Work on onboarding protocols, specifically including derivatives of BRSKI, but not limited to only that protocol.

Discuss work related to IoT operational security. This should be discussed with SECDISPATCH and the WG must consult with the OPS and SEC ADs before adopting any documents in this area.

Produce requirements documents related to new IoT operations work if needed. The resultant work may be carried out in other WGs, new WGs formed specifically to work on those items, or in the IOTOPS WG itself.

Maintenance and extensions related to MUD (Manufacturer Usage Description) [IESG Note - moved from OPSAWG (discussion)]
Maintenance and extensions related to the BRSKI onboarding protocol [IESG Note - moved from ANIMA (discussion)]